Monday, May 8, 2017

"A True Love Story..."

Michael & Percy

A Real Knight in Shinning Armor Proposal

How They Met

Percy and Michael met in Vancouver. “We got along instantly” says Michael.” Apart from being immediately physically attracted to him, I noticed his caring nature and honesty right away.  I remember thinking that it was so unfortunate that he was from Vancouver and me from LA.  The next day we exchanged a few text messages and I was amazed by his straight-forward honesty.  There were no ‘games’ being played which I loved.  I sent him a message, “I wish there was a way to date.  It’s such a challenge finding hot together quality guys.”  He replied, “I was thinking the same. Is there a way?””

“So I invited him and his son over for brunch the next morning to a restaurant at the hotel they were staying at.  He said that he previously never taken his son with him on a ‘date’.  However, he somehow felt comfortable taking his son for brunch with me.  He had explained to his son that they were going to have brunch with a friend, which was the truth at that time.  His son and I got along very well from the first time we met.  Percy told me later that he was surprised how completely at ease he was with me.  At the end of brunch he even slipped his hand into mine while we were walking out of the restaurant.  Apparently that is not something that Percy’s son does very often with someone he does not know well.  Also, since my parents were staying at the same hotel they happened to also be eating brunch in the same restaurant at that time. So we all ended up sharing a table.  So our 2nd date happened to include my parents (and my sister who stopped by the restaurant from her room), Percy and his son.”

The Proposal

“In the past, Percy had told me that I was his knight in shining armour who had appeared out of nowhere and swept him off his feet.  I planned the surprise proposal based on that. I rented the outfit after carefully choosing it from Universal Studios’ costume department.  The same outfit had been used for the movie, “Snow White and the Huntsman.”

Editors Note:  Michael Trigg is the founder of Trigg Laboratories, Inc (maker of Wet Personal Lubricants).

Originally published by Your Engagement 101

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