Tuesday, July 4, 2017

"A True Love Story..."

Edited and updated, originally published September 2014 by the Military Partners and Family Coalition

Josh and Steve met and fell in love one summer. It was a storybook romance until Steve found out he was being deployed to Iraq. Steve told Josh that if he waited for him to come home from war… he would be the one.

During the deployment there were times when mortars would hit near Steve's base and it scared Josh into wondering if he would ever be notified if something happened to Steve. So they decided on Steve's R&R half way through deployment to get married in the nation’s capital.

They had their wedding at the grave of Leonard Matlovich in honor to him and other LGBT Servicemembers who have served in silence. When Leonard died there was no such thing as gay people serving openly in the military, or marriage equality. So the couple honored him with their wedding vows.

Steve was the soldier who was booed at the GOP debate in 2011. Since then the couple were an unstoppable force fighting for marriage equality. They challenged the DOD in a lawsuit, took 25 couples to Washington DC to be married at the Supreme Court, and fought for marriage equality in Ohio, their home state.

They have not only been activists, husbands, but they are also best friends. They are talking about having children, but for right now, they have 3 pets, Spanky, Gizmo and Macho their puggle.

They are a happy… PROUD military family.

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