Friday, June 23, 2017

"A True Love Story..."

These College Track Stars Came Out To Each Other… And Then Fell In Love

By Graham Gremore
May 31, 2017

Brad Neumann and Justin Rabon both attend University of Minnesota. They both run on the school’s track team. They both love BeyoncĂ©. They’re both gay. And they’re both in love… with each other!

Their love story began two years ago over Thanksgiving break. Both guys were struggling with their sexualities at the time, and neither one was out.

“One night I was texting [Brad] that I was going through some things,” Justin tells OutSports. “I sat on my bed having written a text that I was gay or bi and had the idea that I might like men. I stared at my phone, my finger hovering over the send button.”

He hit send. Moments later, Brad replied: “Oh, that’s cool,”

What Justin didn’t know was that Brad was going through a similar struggle. Having grown up in a small rural town where being gay was something people laughed at, he had been keeping his sexuality a secret for his entire life.

Justin’s text came to him as a relief. “Finally, I had someone I could relate to,” Brad recalls.

From there a deeper friendship blossomed.

“At first we were just friends, talking freely and getting to know each other,” Brad recalls, “but I started to care more and more for this man every day. He made it possible for me to be happy again. He gave me a reason to smile.”

“We’ve been dating now for about two-and-a-half years,” Justin adds.

Not only that, but they’ve been keeping active Instragram accounts documenting their romance.

Check out some more of their adorable pics…

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