Tuesday, May 23, 2017

"A True Love Story..."

The first time I kissed my husband-to-be was at a ball, after a tango. We had been friends for about a year, and the idea of being more had never crossed my mind.

We were both in the friend-zone, because we had been in relationships when we'd met. Mine fizzled out six months before the ball, and his boyfriend, although very attractive, turned out to be kind of unstable.

So there we were, elegantly dressed in suits and ties (among tuxedos and ball gowns), in a historic ballroom from out of an old French castle.

He leads me in a tango. When it's finished, we pause, look into each other's eyes, everything changes and we kiss on the ballroom floor. A bit more passionately than decorum allows...

...but less than two years later, we're as married as the law allows.

OK, admittedly, we went home together that night (and stayed together since), but I assure you that's exceptional for ballroom dance :) I'm just telling of a very romantic moment at the start.

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