Thursday, February 14, 2013

"Reflections On Married Life..."

I usually get up well before my husband, and one of the things I do in those early morning hours is prepare the posts for the day for this blog.  I usually work from the breakfast room table.  This is what I found this morning on the table when I came downstairs.  I have to admit, it made me happy... I just set out his gift and card, although he probably won't see it until much later this morning when I leave for work.

This is part and parcel of married life... recognizing and sharing with each other that we love and care about each other.  We share our lives, our dreams, our hopes and our disappointments, but most of all we share our love for one another.  It manifests itself in the little things, like the cherry pie Ed bought when he went grocery shopping yesterday (he knows it's my favorite), and in the big things like helping improve our home and sharing in the responsibilities of family.

Valentine's Day is an opportunity to reflect on love and marriage and although we both take each other for granted, it reminds us of just how special and wonderful it is to love someone.  It's better when you're married.

"Fear Eats the Soul"

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